History & Staff

Welcome to the Pomeroy Funeral Homes website.  We know the loss of a loved one is difficult and we have created this website to assist you.Our three facilities make it convenient for everyone and provide a warm environment to celebrate the life of a loved one. For more information about our locations, please visit our facilities page.  Our professional, experienced staff is available 24 hours a day to serve you at 1-810-679-9800. Our website is new and is being updated periodically.

Gary L. Pomeroy Owner/Manager

Our History

Our History

I n 1890, Fred G. Pomeroy opened his own undertaking establishment in the rear of his furniture store. In 1912, Fred's son, Elmer R. Pomeroy, joined his father in the business. When Fred died in 1915 at the age of 60, Elmer took over the business.In 1935, Elmer moved the funeral business from the rear of the furniture store to its present location on Howard Ave. and Sanborn Ave. Elmer's son, Fred G. Pomeroy, receieved his mortuary science license in 1947. In 1962, Elmer died after serving 50 years in the funeral industry. Elmer's son took over, and in 1965 purchased the funeral home in Lexington. Fred sold the furniture store in 1974. Fred's son, Gary L. Pomeroy, receieved his license in the funeral business in 1976, becoming the fourth generation of the Pomeroy family in the industry. In 1988, the Pomeroys purchased an additional funeral home in Carsonville. There are currently three Pomeroy Funeral Homes in the thumb area. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Gary L.  Pomeroy

    Gary L. Pomeroy Owner/Manager

    Gary L. Pomeroy is a 1975 graduate of Wayne State Mortuary School. He has been a licensed funeral director since 1976, and represents the fourth generation of Pomeroys in the funeral business. Gary is married to Sally and has two children Carolyn and Scott.

  • Loren  Lumley

    Loren Lumley Manager

    Loren graduated from Wayne State Mortuary School in 1983. He has been working at Pomeroy Funeral Homes since 1987.

  • Scott F.  Pomeroy

    Scott F. Pomeroy Licensee

    Scott is a 2009 graduate of Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He received his Mortuary Science License in December 2010. Scott represents the fifth generation of the Pomeroys in the funeral business.

  • Sally A.  Pomeroy

    Sally A. Pomeroy Secretary

    Sally received her Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education & Recreation in 1975 from Slippery Rock University. She has been working at the funeral home since 1990. Sally is married to Gary and has two children Carolyn and Scott.

  • Fred G.  Pomeroy

    Fred G. Pomeroy Licensee

    Fred G. Pomeroy received his mortuary science license in 1947 after attending Wayne State Mortuary School, and represents the 3rd generation of Pomeroys in the funeral business. He recently receieved a distinguished service award from the Michigan Funeral Director's Association for 60 years in the funeral profession. Fred is married to Margaret and has two children Gary Pomeroy and Gale Oldford.